REVIEW: Bulkhead - Aft Pressure - Draft

November 11, 2018 in Album Reviews

by Professor Lasagna Jindal, aka DJ Lazzy J

Bulkhead’s Aft Pressure merges distorted synth loops, oversaturated basslines, and addictive technotic samples to create a distinct experience that can only be summarized by hypnotic chaos. Unfortunately Bulkhead’s approach to electronic production doesn’t create a unique enough experience to break out of the repetitive dichotomy that many electronic club projects fall victim to.

Aft Pressure is by no means a bad album. On the contrary, in its 53 minutes of runtime,

Bulkhead produces extremely memorable sound bites that stand out as highlights. "Chop Chop" lures you in with glitchy clipping that builds and builds, layering an experience of constant movement and appreciation for percussion. The title track "Aft Pressure" takes a simple synth melody and reinterprets it through multiple lenses, pathing a perfect soundtrack for a cyber dystopia. "Ways to Grow" maneuvers a heavily distorted guitar riff that haunts the tracks sonic soundscape, polluting the atmosphere with fear and bounce.

Despite all this however, Aft Pressure fails to construct a cohesive project that stands out as unique.

If Aft Pressure was a futuristic racing game soundtrack, it would be perfect; however when forced to sit down and listen to the album in a strictly musical context its overproduced melodies, repetitive tempos and novice mixing fall flat. It's a good album to not think about and grind out a productive study session to, but difficult to consume as an avid music fan.



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