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October 05, 2018 in DJ Picks

by Sam Bridgers

Our Music Directors compile weekly charts of the top most played albums on the station.


1. Bal Paré - Metamorphose

The 1980’s European synth-pop release Metamorphose, encompasses the genre and vibe of their era.

Recommended Tracks: Palais D'Amour, Tokio/Oklahoman


2. TC Superstar - Heat Death


Heat Death brings a further exploration into the exciting future of the Austin-based project.

Recommended Tracks: Acceptance, Denial


3. Mass Gothic - I've Tortured You Long Enough

The husband-and-wife duo of Mass Gothic deliver their solid indie-pop sophomore record I've Tortured You Long Enough.

Recommended Tracks: Dark Window - Single Version, How I Love You


4. The Naked Tungs - Distract Myself

Distract Myself covers some breadth and is a consistent effort of an on the verge of breakout band.

Recommended Tracks: Shut it Off, Warming Up

5. The Essex Green – Hardly Electronic

After a dozen years, we finally got another The Essex Green record, and it slaps.

Recommended Tracks: Sloane Ranger, Don’t Leave It In Our Hands


6. TC Superstar – Masc


TC Superstar debuts their 80's inspired sound in Masc, their first full length album.

Recommended Tracks: I Don't Mind, Something, Don't Wanna Be, Closer


7. Blue Orchids – The Greatest Hit

The 1982 punk-psych blend on The Greatest Hit by Blue Orchids is popping off at the station.

Recommended Tracks: The Flood, Bad Education, Disney Boys


8. Kleenex – Liliput

Touted as one of the most influential post-punk bands of all time, Kleenex proves why on Liliput.

Recommended Tracks: Die Matrosen, Nice, Hitch-Hike, Ain’t You


9. The Parks Project – Space Jazz

The Austin based Parks Project brings psychedelic jazz from a drummer’s perspective on their Space Jazz LP.

Recommended Tracks: Pentagonal, Come Again, Drumpovisation


10. Flasher – Constant Image

The special debut album from Flasher, Constant Image, is an album of anxiety and escape, but also one of euphoria and freedom.

Recommended Tracks: Pressure, Who’s Got Time?, Skim Milk




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