100% Pure

Every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Purity is the absence of impurity or contaminants in a substance. This term also applies to the absence of vice in human character.




Title Artist Album
Mask Therapy Eartheater RIP Chrysalis
Wormhole Masks Food Plus Drug (II)
The Wait Grant
Where Is She Umfang Weight
Heat 4 Shinichi Atobe Heat
Domingo Abençoado DJ Lycox Sonhos & Pesadelos
Title Artist Album
AS Crust Amnesia Scanner AS ep
Rude Shygirl Cruel Practice
Sensi Shao Doppler Shift, Pt. 1
Telekinesis Developer Developer Archive 06
Igneous Randomer Igneous
Flowers in May Kaseem Mosse Three Versions
Title Artist Album
On Kenth Kord
Late night Fumiya Tanaka torema lp 01
Undelivered Package Andrey Pushkarev
Westbound Nikolas Rowland
Sleepygirl 8 Yagya Sleepygirls
Texan Flower Girl L/F/D/M Music Without Discipline
Silph Scope Blair Sound Design Console Humidity
techno, dub, and some experimental pieces to start off the semester
Title Artist Album
Time Is Present Vague and Formless Nadine Byrne Dreaming Remembering
Oh Ah Dj Metatron U'll Be the King of the Stars
First Plate 3 Shinichi Atobe From the Heart, It's a Start, A Work Of Art
The Taphead STL Nocturnal Mixdowns
Obfuscator Johannes Heil Skyruptum 10Y
Prado Obscuro Fanon Flowers Revisited
Out With the Girls Cristian Vogel Body Mapping
8A Objekt Flatland
Buu Beta Librae Whisper Game
All My Love to the Planet Tito Fuego Ft. Alexis Blair Penny Physically Sick
Some nice sounding music for this evening, subbing for evian
Title Artist Album
anodyne wish fulfillment lillerne tapes compilation
24° Dynamo 23° - 18°
Agent Jah Bandulu Antimatters
Conflict in Yemen Bergsonist Solyaris
omnec onec vulva Mini Space Vulvette
0104 Ali Berger FOR THE KIDS: a benefit for RAICES
Last on Earth(bonus) (703) 863 - 4357 Lyse
Conscious Mind Spirit Quad 1
She's Hearing Voices Zuli Numbers

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