Color Story

Every Monday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Each week, Color Story chooses a specific color in order to explore the emotions and memories associated with it. By creating an auditory experience, we hope to immortalize our favorite little moments through songs tinted with hues of nostalgia. Hope you enjoy!

howdy this week's color is a deep sea blue for all those waves of emotions hittin ya' on this monday 

Here's the playlist:

Title Artist Album
Daylight/Moonlight The Red Pears We Bring Anything to the Table... Except Tables We Can't Bring Tables to the Table
Too Little Tora Take a Rest
Chiron Chris & Cosey Songs of Love & Lust
Paint It Black Ed Miles Love songs
Black Distirbution DEBFRESH Black Distirbution
Who Is You? Suwiop Who Is You?
Miami Breeze Str24 Miami Breeze
Slow, Gentle, Smooth Ocean Waves – No Fade, Loopable Sea Waves Sounds, Ocean Sound Machine Loopable Ocean Waves for Babies Sleep
Ex-Boyfriend Beat Skinned Teen Bazooka Smooth!
Birch Tree Strawberry Guy Taking My Time to Be
A Dream of You Far Caspian A Dream of You
Someday Morning Hamachi Kama Someday Morning
Paradise Chase Ceglie Onion
Spells Jenny Hval Spells
In The Morning Long Beard Means To Me
Fantasy Movie Lala Lala, Grapetooth Fantasy Movie

hey hey hey this week's color is a dull green (but our playlist won't be dull heh stay tuned for some funky jams)

Missed out? Catch up by listening to the playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Window Shopping The Friday Club Window Shopping
Envy the Love The Apollinaires Envy the Love
Tear the Whole Thing Down The Higsons Tear the Whole Thing Down
Teal & Orange Spittbrothers Holz Büxxe EP
Curves Color of Sound Daydream
Papas Got a Brand New Pigbag - 7" Version Pigbag Volume 1 (Dr Heckle & Mr Jive)
Your Life Konk The Definitive Collection
Turtle Walk The Stoner Upp Till Kamp
It's Gonna Be a Good Day Turtle Dance Music It's Gonna Be a Good Day
Free Your Mind Chilled Turtle White Wall in the Morning
Ouija Boys Turtle Island Ouija Boys
Shell City The Zilzies Shell City
Hh Mario Golf Animal Kingdom: Shells

Check out the playlist here!

that and we made it past january! this week's color is in celebration of valentine's day so lets get romantic whoa

Title Artist Album
Once Krosia, A.L.I.S.O.N Milestone
Way Cool Baby Love DAISY Smoke About It - EP
carry you cehryl Slow Motion
Bleeding Hearts Oh Pep! I Wasn't Only Thinking About You...
Something's Gonna Take Your Love Away Amber Arcades European Heartbreak
Feelin' For Hey Cowboy! Sandy Cheeks
Flower Sasha and the Valentines Green
Lucky Dehd Water
1-800-Love FLOOR CRY 1-800-Love
Fallin' Slowdaze Heartlands
You Will Fill My Head wwoman You Will Fill My Head
I Wanna Jordana Classical Notions of Happiness
Think of You JABS From Me, to You
Honeybee Thythy Honeybee
virtual luv3r niña virtual luv3r
Sweet Moon Sundarta Sweet Moon

guess what... we're back! you thought you could get rid of us? well, try again!!! FIRST SHOW OF 2020 WOOHOO and we're kicking it off with a delicious hot pink ;-)

Title Artist Album
When It's Over Amber Olivier Amber Olivier
Can’t Stand It Art Feynman Blast Off Through the Wicker
Sweet Bren Joy, Landon Sears Twenties
Moja Bhari Moja Rupa Disco Jazz
Act My Age Dream Wife Dream Wife
Memory Lane Anemone Beat My Distance
Decade Ender Baseball Gregg Decade Ender
Love Goes On Hannah Diamond Reflections
Favorite Girl Henrik the Artist Favorite Girl
Boy Next Door GFOTY Boy Next Door
Hey QT QT Hey QT
Diamond in the Dark LIZ, Slayyyter Planet Y2K
Flamboyant Dorian Electra Flamboyant
In Love Donatachi, Rosebud Leach In Love
What U Got Namasenda hot_babe_93

this week's color is a beautiful wine red so delicious, who could possibly resist listening to this playlist aha

Listen to this week's playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Lift Myself Lucky Star Lucky Star
Warm Blindness & A Cool Breeze Calvin Love Warm Blindness & A Cool Breeze
Yellow Magic (Tong Poo) YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA Yellow Magic Orchestra USA
Best Worst Year Strabe Best Worst Year
Two Minute Noodles Aria Wood Two Minute Noodles
Sweet Tooth Isa Reyes Sweet Tooth
Home Soon Vagabon Vagabon
Daisy Anna St. Louis If Only There Was a River
Speedy Racerrrr Nathan Bajar Playroom
Strawberry Milkshake FLOOR CRY Strawberry Milkshake
Hot Juice banzai florist Nazz
Let's Drive Billy Uomo Hello? EP
Chuchi wwoman Chuchi
Summer Day Taru Blah Blah

ALERT ALERT: DECEMBER IS HERE WEEWOOWEEWOO!!!! happy holidays, let's get festive with this crazy bright red!!

Missed out? Catch up by listening to the playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Sea Sick binki Sea Sick
catch. Harry Teardrop 1000 Backyard Pools
Everyone Is a Bad Friend Sir Babygirl Crush on Me
Skeleton Tyler Cole Skeleton
All My Friends Are Rich UPSAHL Hindsight 20/20
Pixel Affection yeule Serotonin II
Don't Waste My Time Zilo The Nature Of The Beast
The World Is Yours - Ashley Henry Version Ashley Henry, The RE: Ensemble Easter - EP
Table for One Ego Ella May Table for One
What You Won't Do For Love (feat. Austin Bohlman, Texacali Horns & Jeff Tamelier) Destruments, Austin Bohlman, Texacali Horns, Jeff Tamelier Bridge Through Time
Grow United Vibrations The Myth of the Golden Ratio
Solitude Re:plus Ordinary Landscape
Ricordandoti Piero Umiliani La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna
Bossa Ahmed Malek Habibi Funk: An Eclectic Selection of Music from the Arab World (Habibi Funk 007)

the color for this week is a warm and familiar beige... a classic color... a lil boring, but you what! so what! it's ok to be boring sometimes

Missed out? Catch up by listening to the playlist here!

Title Artist Album
I'll Be Around FLOOR CRY I'll Be Around
How To Get By April + VISTA You Are Here
When It's Over Amber Olivier Amber Olivier
Downhill Together Avalon Downhill Together
Honey Blushes Honey
Mr. Other the booyah! kids Mr. Other
There is a Dream Chloe Frances Songs from the Foot of the Bed
Electric CLARA Electric
To the Man Who Reminds Me of the Ocean Dianna Lopez To the Man Who Reminds Me of the Ocean
Melty Caramelo Divino Niño Foam
Simple Dreamer Boy, Savanna Dohler, Jamiah Love, Nostalgia
Sunday Emily Rose Sunday
Manila Ice Eyedress Manila Ice
Get It Right Hajk Drama
Escape From Los Angeles Holy Ghost! Work
The Law Japan, Man The Law
For Keeps JGrrey For Keeps
nervous Jonah Yano, BADBADNOTGOOD nervous

ah yes, a bright-in-your-face blue that brings us back all the way to high school... i guess the wolfpack never dies huh!

Title Artist Album
Seventeen Ruru Sleep
Teenager Black Honey Black Honey (Deluxe)
Idk The Bralettes Idk
Us Kids Chelsea Shag Colours
Same Old Felivand Same Old
Show Me More Girl Ray Show Me More
Anxious Holy Ghost! Work
Runaway The Pact Runaway
Going Off Script Eile Weile, Fosternicole Going Off Script
easy Ada Lea what we say in private
Ornament Kiah Victoria Memo
Half Empty Girl Eliza & The Delusionals Half Empty Girl
Movie Screen Tommy Newport Movie Screen
Hit or Miss BOYO Dance Alone
Loneliness Aaron Taos Birthday Boy
Apostles' Prom Being Dead Apostles' Prom

this week's color is a pastel green!!! even though spring is gone, we can still miss her....

Here's the playlist:

Title Artist Album
Guts Augustine Guts
Tonight! Ruru Tonight!
Central Booking Common Holly When I say to you Black Lightning
Pressed 2 Death illuminati hotties Kiss Yr Frenemies
Sometimes Sara-Danielle Healing
Breakfast Anteros Breakfast
Animosity Haybaby Animosity
Interstate Vision Lomelda Thx
Key Lime Pie Bent Denim Romances You
Lemonade Christian Alexander Lemonade
Citrus Lambia Citrus
Greek Yogurt Hot Donnas Greek Yogurt
Yogurt Mustafunk Presentacion Laboro Chamanik
Dessert the magazines Soukangou
Sweet Dessert BadMoodRude Sweet Dessert
Carpool Tunnel Americanadian Nowacanadian - EP
Citrus Holly Henry King Paten

this week's color is a pure white associated with good vibes!

Here's the playlist:

Title Artist Album
Into You TC Superstar R & D
Venice Magdalena Bay Venice
Bout De Toi Anemone Baby Only You & I
Sepanx Ruru Sleep
Play Nice Lounge FM Love Will Let You Down
Chuchi wwoman Chuchi
Friend of a Friend Teen Ravine Teen Ravine
Anywhere RALPH TV Anywhere
Summer Holiday Nat Vazer We Used To Have Real Conversations
Red Wine Grapetooth Grapetooth
Tough as Nails Mosie Ice Cream
Heat Wave cehryl Slow Motion
High School High elxina High School High
Tenderly Brigt Tenderly
Little White Lies LYLA Little White Lies

~~spoOooOOOoOOky~~ this week's color is a beautiful pumpkin pie orange to celebrate halloween yasss come on out all you ghouls and gals and spooky scary skeletons 

Title Artist Album
i’ll go goth Silver Sphere yikes!
Blood of the Lamb Liz Brasher Painted Image
Terror Steady Holiday Terror EP
Wicked Game Yellow House Sermon on Desire
You Are Dead Mind Spiders Meltdown
Cobwebs Frankie and the Witch Fingers ZAM
Ghost Party OH!hello Spooky
Ghost Under My Bed Johnny Goth Far Away
Whispering Eye Haunted Lovers Dreams
Dayburner Haunted Dayburner
Engraved Names on Rosewood Towngues Have You Seen My Ghost Have You Seen My Ghost
Shadows Pastel Ghost Abyss
Devils King Plague, Trash Lord Lost Soul 2013-2016
Polychrome NAVVI Omni

heyo this week's color is a cute artificial grass green!

Title Artist Album
Simple Love Deerfuxx Simple Love
Trace & Locate PAN-AL Trace & Locate
Plastic - Su Na Remix Akiine, Su Na Plastic
Forever (And A Day) Freestyle Man, Jimi Tenor Schrödinger's Love
Touch Tone Local Artist Touch Tone
Ice Cream Summers Mori Ice Cream Summers
Afterhours GOVI, Tylor Jay Santos Afterhours
Lazy You Mr. Hilroy Lazy You
Starlighter Jupiter Valerie and Friends
Take You For N0V3L Novel
Dreams Fall Kindness Something Like A War
Against Me Valentine Against Me
Goodbye Too Soon The Irons, Clarence James Goodbye Too Soon
Cowgirl Hey Cowboy! The Soft Kind
Te extraño, pero... Nina Cobham Te extraño, pero...
Dorival Mou Brasil Farol
Different This Time Cornelia Murr Lake Tear of the Clouds

whoa... this week's color is quote on quote "pencil lead" according to dj soup so sharpen those pencils and get ready to take some notes! CLASS IS IN SESSION NERDS!!!

Missed out? Catch up by listening to the playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Sunshine (Back to the Start) Anemone Beat My Distance
hOT mESS Bread Club hOT mESS
Only Friend Approachable Members of Your Local Community, Tamara Dream Only Friend
Drive Your Car L.A. WITCH L.A. WITCH
Changing Ruru Far Out
Free SASAMI, Devendra Banhart SASAMI
In Between Surf Rock Is Dead In Between
Fashionista CHAI PUNK
The Reason Is Love ZOMBIE-CHANG Petit Petit Petit
Bluemin' Days Yogee New Waves Spring Cave e.p.
春を待って never young beach STORY
Player chelmico POWER
Summer Situation STUTS, SIKK-O, Mamiko Suzuki ALLSEASON EP.

hey y'all this week's color is a cute seafoam green, wow! dive on into the ocean with us :)

Here's the playlist:

Title Artist Album
She's the One Anemone Beat My Distance
On The Roof The Feelies The Good Earth
August (Acoustic) Flipturn August (Acoustic)
Temporary Your Neighbors Temporary
Work Momma Work
Healing Ritual Whatever, Dad Huli Ka
Eon Meredith Monk On Behalf Of Nature
Guy Remi Wolf Guy
Sea Sick binki Sea Sick
Mango Peach Tree Rascals Mango
Into The Sun Zilo Gorgeous
Play austenyo Minialbum
Cadillac Black Honey Black Honey (Deluxe)
Home for Us Nathi Home for Us
The Nightshift Symmetry Themes for an Imaginary Film

hey guys this week's color is a festive maroon woohoo just in time for the fall season!!!

Title Artist Album
Witchcraft Graveyard Club Witchcraft
Lost Without Kindness, Seinabo Sey Something Like A War
Take Your Shoes Off RITUAL BOYS CLUB Fishing in Roon
Energy Points rRoxymore Face to Phase
Insistor Tapes 'n Tapes The Loon
I Needed You in This Life Daniel Hart Comet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
(You're Better) Than Ever illuminati hotties Kiss Yr Frenemies
B Here Now Dianna Lopez Fluidity
Little Things April + VISTA You Are Here
May Brigt May
Home Video cehryl Slow Motion
There is a Dream Chloe Frances Songs from the Foot of the Bed
Sentimental Dreamin' CLARA Sentimental Dreamin'
It's So Sad Devata Daun Pye Luis
Falling for the Wrong One Dreamer Boy Love, Nostalgia
Sweetheart Long Beard Means To Me

a vibe check by a sunrise orange

Title Artist Album
Memory Lane Anemone Beat My Distance
Nobody's Watching Steady Holiday Nobody's Watching
Without A Blush Hatchie Keepsake
It Changes Amber Arcades It Changes
October Song, Pt. II Lightning Bug October Song
Waffles Whatever, Dad Grade Pending
Acceptance TC Superstar Heat Death
I Got You Maddie Jay I Got You
So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings Caroline Polachek So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings
Like the Sun Tanukichan Sundays
High School High Maude Latour High School High
Counting the Days Calica Yes, It's About You
Us Kids Chelsea Shag Colours
Kool Aid Diana Gordon Pure
Soft Serve Harry Teardrop 1000 Backyard Pools

Hey guys! Our color this week is a muted violet... fun!

Title Artist Album
Lunch Break Maddie Jay Lunch Break
California Niia I
Somewhere Somehow Oddnesse Somewhere Somehow
Thunderbird Dessert Dessert
Sure Hatchie Sure
Shake Sugaree Elizabeth Cotten and Brenda Evans Shake Sugaree
Moon Art School Girlfriend Into The Blue Hour - EP
Pipe Thing Momma Interloper
R U Lonely 2? Cosima R U Lonely 2?
ballad PYNKIE neoteny
Honey Thandii Honey
Maintainers Momoko Maintainers
Give & Take Calica Give & Take
Journal Entry Orion Sun Journal Entry
You Will Fill My Head wwoman You Will Fill My Head

week 2 and our color is a salmon pink. yum. 

Title Artist Album
Hunker Down Lisel Angels on the Slope
Future Bring in the Man RITUAL BOYS CLUB Fishing in Roon
I Love Hot Nights Jonathan Richman, The Modern Lovers Modern Lovers '88
Neon Magdalena Bay Neon
BABY BLUE Fishmans 空中キャンプ
Natural N0V3L Novel
Magnolia The Essentialists Magnolia
Broken Necks Gabby's World O.K.
At Home Slow Pulp At Home
Picture Perfect Sedona Picture Perfect
My Heart Dreams Black Belt Eagle Scout At the Party With My Brown Friends
Hello Today Black Honey Black Honey (Deluxe)
Idk The Bralettes Idk
Jackie's 15 Jordana Classical Notions of Happiness
So Small / So Vast KAINA Next to The Sun
Look at What I've Done Kwamie Liv Lovers That Come and Go

first show. new vibes. our opening act begins with a sunny sunny yellow. 

Title Artist Album
Another Ruru Another
Mariposa Peach Tree Rascals Mariposa
Lights on Lights Out Lick Twist, Gold Spectacles Lights on Lights Out
Untitled Brigt Untitled
Dancing Like This Hajk Drama
Sunburn Hope Tala Sensitive Soul
Soulkeeper Jasper Bones Cruise Control
Breakfast With Lou Jesse Jo Stark Dandelion - EP
Sleep Hatchie Sleep
Salamanca Sarah, the Illstrumentalist Hurricane Season
Thrum a Dum Spud Cannon Next Time Read the Fine Print
Underwater Soul Tree60 Fields
Seventeen Ruru Sleep

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