Dancing with TigerBears

Every Wednesday from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

We're just out here trying to have a good time. 

This is an eclectic freeform shown where we play any genre, style, or theme. It's all about having fun and enjoying what you do. So don't be shy, come dancing with TigerBears.

Check out the playlist here!

Title Artist Album
What's Good (What's Really Good) Pulses. Bouquet.
Time And Time Again Chronic Future Lines In My Face
These Kicks Georgia B. Belly of the Beast
Solo Mobley Fresh Lies, Vol. I
Weatherman Ourselves + Others Rudiment
Cactus Flower Cooper Greenberg Dream Sequence
Moon Humble Braggers Cycle
Ekombe Jupiter & Okwess Kin Sonic
The Internet Tacocat Lost Time
Rip Up My Heart Rews Pyro
Speak Soft Post Modern Speak Soft
Mushrooms Hotel Mira Circulation
Inferno KUURO Inferno
I'll Be Fine GIANNI I'll Be Fine
Too Close Rainsford Too Close
All Yours APRE The Movement of Time

Missed out? Catch up by listening to the playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Seabirds Pizzagirl Seabirds
That Way Gifted Gab Cause & Effect
Just a Little Less Jim Button Undone
Onyx Eyes Croom, Allanah Maarteen Belladonna
Shake the Shadow Animals for Hands Cocoon
Sparks The Tin Pigeons Sparks
Scaredy Cat Tall Tree Tales Calahonda (EP)
Lost Somewhere Chain Wallet No Ritual
Ocean Song Daughters You Won't Get What You Want
A Flaw In the Iris Death and Vanilla Are You A Dreamer?
My Heart Longs For You, Pizza Horsebeach Beauty & Sadness
Not Going Back Henry Nowhere Not Going Back EP
Iron Lights Tamu Massif Iron Lights

Listen to this week's playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Socks & Sandals Dutch Criminal Record Socks & Sandals
Squire Alexis Kings Squire
Easy Gringo Star Back to the City
Her Aim Is Tall Siskiyou Not Somewhere
Toyota Corolla TC Superstar Masc
Numb Hand Sad Cops Transition Songs
Poison Jet Black Alley Cat Part One
Find You Pro Vita Find You
Feeling That Samurai Champs Crayons
Dysfunctional Helper Joni Void Mise En Abyme
Young Adult Ritt Momney Young Adult
Golden Szymon Tigersapp
Radio Songs Trade Wind You Make Everything Disappear
Girl from Mars Cosmic Child Untitled
Slow Decline The Color and Sound Spring Tour EP

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