The Dumpster Dive

Every Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

A college radio show consisting of some favorite finds of the week spanning across several genres and styles. A weekly playlist of lullabies for the dumpster babies. Facebook Page:

Title Artist Album
Loverboy Lomboy Loverboy
Don't Want to Say Good-bye Cut Worms Hollow Ground
Plein de bisous Lewis OfMan, Milena Leblanc Plein de bisous
Hanoï café Bleu Toucan Origami
Dicegame Trevor Powers Mulberry Violence
EVER KARYYN The Quanta Series
Deep Wave Soft as Snow Deep Wave
Hyp-no-tized Spiral Stairs We Wanna Be Hypnotized
Coffee Machine Du Blonde Lung Bread For Daddy
Island Emilie Kahn Outro
Shake these chains to earth like dew Bulkhead Aft Pressure
Gates of Paradise RF Shannon Trickster Blues
DNA Home Body Spiritus

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Title Artist Album
2005 ATO 2005
Not Going Back Henry Nowhere Not Going Back EP
Overcoats Rich Jones, The O'My's Overcoats
Lay All Your Love on Me Pale Honey Lay All Your Love on Me
Honey Sad Cops Transition Songs
Guess I'll Never Know Ty Mason Guess I'll Never Know
Friends, Like Me Eva B. Ross Friends, Like Me
Vampire MAI LAN Autopilote
Claws syd B Claws
The Heat Temme Scott The Heat
Weather Report OWEL Paris
Toyota Corolla TC Superstar Masc

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Title Artist Album
Let's Dance Raw Shintaro Sakamoto Let's Dance Raw
Love Beat Yoshinori Sunahara Pan Am The Sound Of 70's
Batismo Populous, Riva Azulejos
Disco Dancer Kiki Gyan 24 Hours in a Disco 1978-82
Spies Are Watching Me Voilaaa, Sir Jean On te l'avait dit
Dooyo Dur-Dur Band Volume 5
You No Fit Touch Am - Medlar Remix Dele Sosimi, Medlar You No Fit Touch Am (Retouched)
Na Real Sekele Fo'Ya Pasteur Lappe African Funk Experimentals (1979 to 1981)
All Will be Erased Fit of Body Black Box No Cops
Don't Wanna Be TC Superstar Masc

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Title Artist Album
Fine Street Woman Kathy Heideman Move With Love
Erika, Seq. 1 Roberto Pregadio Erika
Fire By The River Harumi Harumi
Unknowingly Kim Jung Mi Now
Gypsy Woman Joe Bataan Joe Bataan Anthology
Moon Watching Shin Joong Hyun Beautiful Rivers and Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound of South Korea's Shin Joong Hyun 1958-1974
Should I Take You Home Bobby Oroza Should I Take You Home
The 8:17 Northbound Success Merry-Go-Round Margo Guryan 27 Demos
Deep Wave Soft as Snow Deep Wave
A Moment Jerry Paper Like a Baby
Infinite Ginla Codex
Un Tulipan The Chamanas NEA II
Move It or Lose It Animals for Hands Cocoon
Soft Islands Lydmor I Told You I'd Tell Them Our Story
Irregular Pleasure ADULT This Behavior

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Title Artist Album
Unknowingly Kim Jung Mi Now
Fire By The River Harumi Harumi
Gypsy Woman Joe Bataan Joe Bataan Anthology
Kitty Chai Pink
Indios Tilcara Chancha via Circuito Bienvenuturanza
Días Raros Diamante Eléctrico Diamante Eléctrico
Getting Loose Dick Stusso In Heaven
Lost On You Foxwarren Foxwarren
Dissolvi Steve Hauschildt Dissolvi
Sport Paupière À Jamais Privé De Réponses
Tooth Ache RF Shannon Trickster Blues
Pool of Blue Mr. Breakfast Glass Dome
Everything & Nothing .ADULT This Behavior
Whiplash Bulkhead Aft Pressure
Title Artist Album
Nostalgia - Trumpet Version Piero Umiliani La Ragazza Fuori Strada
In Between Hand Habits Wildly Idle (Humble Before the Void)
Thinking About You Frankie and the Witch Fingers Sidewalk
Choke Omni Multi-task
BABY BLUE Fishmans 空中キャンプ
Is It Any Wonder? Durand Jones & The Indications Durand Jones & The Indications (Deluxe Edition)
This Love Pt. 1 Bobby Oroza This Love Pt. 1
Irregular Pleasure .ADULT This Behavior
We Got it Goin On Cobra Man Toxic Planet
I'm Only Dying RF Shannon Trickster Blues
Life is Funny! Ha Ha Primer Novelty
Cling Go Fever Daydream Hawker

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Title Artist Album
Wede Harer Guzo Hailu Mergia, Dahlak Band Wede Harer Guzo
Opération FR1 François de Roubaix Courts métrages (Music for Short Movies)
Lady Magnolia Piero Umiliani To-Day's Sound
Una rotonda sul mare Fred Bongusto Italian Classics: Fred Bongusto, Vol. 1
Clayton duello Nico Fidenco Lo voglio morto
Cast Your Fate To The Wind David Axelrod Heavy Axe
For a Day Like Today Lee Hazlewood Cowboy in Sweden (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Katmandou 8 Jean-Claude Vannier Les chemins de Katmandou (Epaves de la bande originale du film)
The Smile David Axelrod Song Of Innocence
I Love You Weldon Irvine Sinbad
Raio de Sol Winter & Triptides Estrela Mágica
Allah Moshen Namjoo On the Strings of the Tear's Bow
There's a Man Malou Beauvoir Spiritwalker
Next to Me Molly Burch First Flower

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Title Artist Album
San Franciscan Nights Gábor Szabó, The California Dreamers Wind, Sky And Diamonds
Why?!steria Kalbells Ten Flowers
Oh Me I'm Never ShitKid Oh Me I'm Never
Haunted House Dead Ghosts S/T
Get It Straight Spendtime Palace Playdate
La Dépression Pizzicato Five, Grand Prix Playboy & Playgirl
Heat 1 Shinichi Atobe Heat
Think I Might Be In Love Cut Worms Hollow Ground
Feel So Much Go Fever Daydream Hawker - EP
El Farol The Chamanas NEA II
Electric Mud Eric Copeland Trogg Modal vol. 1
Everybody Party Tonight Cobra Man Toxic Planet
Rainbow Over Stadtautobahn Thomas Fehlmann Visions of Blah
Title Artist Album
Like That White Fence For the Recently Found Innocent
Giver The Suffers The Suffers
Love Songs on the Radio Mojave 3 Ask Me Tomorrow
True Love Molly Burch First Flower
Top Tier Love Lonely Benson Lonely Benson
Crazy Now Aerial East Rooms
Silver Woman RF Shannon Trickster Blues
Cavalier solitaire Juniore Juniore
Under Control Mystic Braves The Great Unknown
Unisex Disco Stevie Dinner Ready to Dine
Grey Skies Turquoise Days Alternative Strategies
Complet Brouille Essaie Pas New Path
Powerhouse Planningtorock Powerhouse
Title Artist Album
Lily Lee Spendtime Palace Closed Doors and Lily Lee
Shades of Grey Mystic Braves The Great Unknown
Escape Eve Siamese Cats Virgin Graffiti
Life Has Its Trials Dorothy Ashby Afro-Harping
To Claudia on Thursday The Millennium Begin
What More Can I Say The Notations Still Here: 1967-1973
時は交差して Izumi Makura アイデンティティー
The Mercury Girl The Cleaners From Venus Living With Victoria Grey
One More Cup of Coffee Charlie Ballantine Life Is Brief: The Music of Bob Dylan
Primera Vez The Chamanas NEA II
Everybody Party Tonight Cobra Man Toxic Planet
Long for You, Desiree Lambda Celsius Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference
321 Contact Eric Copeland Trogg Modal, Vol. 1
Title Artist Album
Butterfly Effect Shinichi Atobe Butterfly Effect
L'enfant samba Cortex Troupeau bleu
Fruits of Misery Tele Novella House of Souls
Baby All Night Lounge FM Love Will Let You Down
Question of Freedom The New Tribe Elevator/Light One Candle
La Verdad The Chamanas NEA II
Recompense Tatira Blood Return
Metamorphosis John Grant Love is Magic

Playlist for The Dumpster Dive inspired by the Total Blood Moon eclipse of 01/20/2019 as well as the Moon tarot card, the card of illusion and deception.

Title Artist Album
Slug Song The Clean Compilation
Nunca Será Le Couleur P.O.P.
Dans le noir Juniore Christine - Single
Sleepwalk Sneaky Pete Kleinow Meet Sneaky Pete
Mermaid Parade Pearl & The Oysters Canned Music
Paris to the Moon Video Age Pop Therapy
Parachute Thee Lakesiders Parachute
Frog Fractions Khotin New Tab
The Devil's Dancers Oppenheimer Analysis New Mexico
One Day Stevie Dinner Ready to Dine
Stephanie Says Tele Novella I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson
Game And Performance Deux Decadence
Cold Spell RF Shannon Trickster Blues
Precious Lambda Celstus Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference
M Path Steve Hauschildt Dissolvi
Kill Scene JOYFULTALK. Plurality Trip
Rainbows SHMU Lead Me to the Glow
Title Artist Album
Allergies Sisyfuss You'll Find It in the End
Suzuki Zack Mexico Get Rich and Live Forever
Aguas Calientes Spendtime Palace Playdate
Taste Forth Wanderers Forth Wanderers
Phantom Kohli Calhoun Take Me Away
Precious Lambda Celstus Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference
Sunday Jimpster Selected Remixes Vol. 2
So Good, So Right 2 Shinichi Atobe Heat
You Death March JOYFULTALK. Plurality Trip
Shake the Shadow Animals for Hands Cocoon
Futur Parle Essaie Pas New Path
Come Again The Parks Project Space Jazz
Title Artist Album
Chased by Ants The Terribols The Terribols
What Would I Do? Strawberry Guy What Would I Do?
I Ran With Love But Couldn't Keep Up Spectrals A Spectrals Extended Play
Fine Fringe Fringe
Home Vacations Vibes
Femme Le Couleur Voyage love
Nice Guy Hector Gachan Untitled '91
Call Me in the Day La Luz It's Alive
Helmet Noah Salem, Melody Rose Murray Pocket
PBNJ Sneaks It's a Myth
Kyle Dead Sullivan Season
Pheromones Franc Moody Dance Moves
Temporary Vase Wild Moccasins Look Together
Taste Forth Wanderers Forth Wanderers
Interloper Momma Interloper
Recompense Tatira Blood Return
Title Artist Album
Amex a) Les Louanges La nuit est une panthère
Painfully Obvious Harmless Harmless Fantasies
I Adore You Molly Burch Downhearted
Constellation Waterstrider Constellation
Naturally Lazy Native America Grown Up Wrong
Iron Leg Mickey & The Soul Generation Iron Leg
Two Toes Palm Shadow Expert
(BALLAD OF) THE HIP DEATH GODDESS Ultimate Spinach Ultimate Spinach
Les fleurs Paupière À jamais privé de réponses
On the Mountain by the Sea UTAH We Made This Too
Ur My Destiny Ricky Eat Acid Haunt U Forever
Maze of Another Jachary Maze of Another
Sunday Strut Cody G Sunday Strut
Juice Camp Howard Juice
See Her The Slaps Susan's Room
Altered State Of Mind Milmine So Long And Thanks
Bite Your Tongue Dream, Ivory Dream, Ivory
Bullfrog Orangutang EP
Cosmos Yabadum Careful Kid
whisper serpentwtithfeet soil
Title Artist Album
Olive Boy Reptaliens Prequel / Olive Boy
Flying Golem Wand Ganglion Reef
Got My Sunshine Mojave 3 Excuses For Travellers
Find Enjoyment Ray Barbee In Full View
Living in Hell Cobra Man Toxic Planet
Celbrity AUSTYN GILLETTE Sensorisk
Love Letters Corners Maxed out on Distractions
Something Real Thriftys Automatic Thought
anime_girl AOTQ e-muzak
Fall Dead Sullivan Season
Slow Dance Marmalakes Please Don't Stop
Tonic Water AOTQ Alone
$GNMS Arc Iris Icon of Ego
Studel Pastel el Camino Stephen Cooper Home of Bread
Title Artist Album
A Silver Song Conspiracy Of Owls Conspiracy Of Owls
Surf Wave Twin Seas Surf Wave
In Other Words Shopping Consumer Complaints
Hymn Diane Coffee My Friend Fish
Warmth of the Sun levitation room Warmth of the Sun
Cruisin' Jimmy Whoo Motel Music, Pt. II
Yellow Fran Makes Dinner Yellow
Dripping Sun Kikagaku Moyo Masana Temples
Kyle Dead Sullivan Season
Descansar The Chamanas NEA II
Come Again The Parks Project Space Jazz
Intentions Rainsford Emotional Suport Animal
In Between Stars Eleanor Friedberger Rebound
Noumena Vinyl Williams Opal
Title Artist Album
Jet Up The Soggy Bethpage Ark Ark
Cutlass Cruiser TOPS Sugar at the Gate
It's Alright Horsebeach II
What's Important Beat Happening Beat Happening
Lonely Girl Dorothy Ashby Afro-Harping
Migibima Moltual Hailu Mergia, Dahlak Band Wede Harer Guzo
Incident In A Greatcoat The Cleaners From Venus My Back Wages
Disco Kid Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 Star Stuff
Sunday Morning Amanaz Africa
Whistlin Mocky Key Change
Black Willow Loma Loma
My Love is All Around You Little Mazarn Little Mazarn
lava_lamp AOTQ e-muzak
Give it Up There's Talk bathed water moon
Title Artist Album
Deadbeat Boy Avalon Deadbeat Boy
Little Heathen Pleasure Nature Little Heathen
Synthetic Memories Pleasure Nature Synthetic Memories
F Song Strawberry Guy F Song
In the Yard Jons At Work on Several Things
Maybe Lucys Talk to Me When I'm Sober
17 Años Medio Mutante Eadem Mutata Resurgo
Wild Molly Burch First Flower
One of Them The Naked Tungs Distract Myself EP
plastic_island AOTQ e-muzak
Hermeto Sue Avenue Energy Lounge Compilation 10
Future Energy Fields I JOYFULTALK Plurality Trap
Title Artist Album
Living Alone Video Age Living Alone
Blue Valentine Nina Blue Valentine
Conceptual Romance Jenny Hval Blood Bitch
One of the Girls Otha One of the Girls
If I'm Gone Tomorrow (It's Because of Aliens) MUNYA If I'm Gone Tomorrow (It's Because of Aliens)
Hotel Delmano MUNYA Hotel Delmano
Piasek Agus Piasek
Afro Club The Librarians Session Acousti #1
the boy who cried wolf whyetc the boy who cried wolf
Let Me Down MADEIRA Bad Humors
Rise Helena Deland Rise
Making You Guess The Naked Tungs Distract Myself EP
Casting Tiny Sparks Warning Light Luxury Through Repetition
Closer TC Superstar Masc
Never Coming Back A Place to Bury Strangers Pinned
Party like your heart hurts Rubblebucket Sun Machine

DJ Ariel subbing for the week!

Title Artist Album
Artificial Moaning Moaning
Puritans The Happy Family The Man On Your Street
I Cry Gift Wrap Losing Count
Every Animal Half Waif Every Animal
Figure Kraus Path
Clouds Pastel Ghost Abyss
Marilyn Them Are Us Too Remain
Ballad 5 Tess Roby Beacon
I Would Die 4 U Bitter Birds After Image
Keep in Touch The Spook School Could It Be Different?
Land's End Pinkshinyultrablast Everything Else Matters
Boo Hoo Nite Jewel Liquid Cool
Modern Romance Satellite Young Modern Romance
Ancient Habits Cold Specks Fool's Paradise
Edith Nylon Edith Nylon Edith Nylon

DJ Tiny subbing

Title Artist Album
Pasture Tremblexy White Tiger
The Horror SYD KEMP The Horror
Far Out What Tyrants No Luck
Bundt Cakes Slow Pulp Ep2
Difficile Juniore Ouh là là
PINK Mothers Render Another Ugly Method
Koordinaten Klaus Johann Grobe EP
Mono Trajano! Terror en el Planetario
Memories on VHS - Original Mix Another Green World Vision Quest
Water Over Sex Lala Lala The Lamb
The Curse Las Robertas Cry Out Loud
Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian New Animal New Animal
one more time brother sports one more time
Boo Pressed And Stone Candles
Everything, All the Time Ulrika Spacek Modern English Decoration
Title Artist Album
The Dream Widowspeak Expect the Best
We Could Walk Together The Clientele Suburban Light
Regulars Video Age Living Alone
Rage of Plastics U.S. Girls A Poem Unlimited
Not You Fake Tides Beer Up Only Club
Sentimental Trash Eternal Champ Sweet Valley
Telebones Le Rug Bleeniex
I'll Be Gone Toebow Spirit Mane
2 Cool 2 Care Anna Burch Quit the Curse
Fish Bowl - Frankie Cosmos Remix Kero Kero Bonito Bonito Generation
Let'er Go The Pesos Carpet Dope
Real Love Big Thief Masterpiece
Ain't Nobody Natalie Prass The Future and The Past
Hollow Moon Why Bonnie Nightgown
Acceptance TC Superstar Heat Death
Rinse, Repeat Kississippi Sunset Blush
Title Artist Album
Lover Surreal Video Age Pop Therapy
A都市の秋 Lamp ゆめ
The First Time Nicotine's Famous Honey, Nicotine The First Time
Tropic of Cancer Laser Background Correct
Hold My Hand Baby Jesus Took Our Sons
Des Bisous Partout MUNYA North Hatley
Lotus Gang Gang Dance Kazuashita
Fast and Great Saline Saline
To The Boys Molly Burch To the Boys EP
Happy Together Cover FLOOR CRY Covers
Gold Coast Exitmusic The Recognitions
Comeback SSION O
Divina Mons Vi Divina EP
& Her Psychedelic Subconcious Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel Nico & Her Psychedelic Subconcious
Cult Ritual, Line 3 Stevie Dinner Mystery Flavor
Tick Tock Tom Misch Geography
Choke Omni Multi-task
Title Artist Album
A Thousand Stars Burst Open Pale Saints In Ribbons
Cola Boyys Magic Potion Pink Gum
I Saw An Angel Puzzle Soaring
Audrey Horne Stevie Dinner Mystery Flavor
Sleeper Cab Pllush Stranger to the Pain
Let's Find an Out Snail Mail Lush
She's Gone Liquid Warning Light Luxury Through Repetition
Como me Quieres Khruangbin Con Todo El Mundo
Gender Painted Fruits Fruit Salad
Knock On My Door Androgynous Mind Nightstalker
Heart to Heart Brutal Disco Welcome Back
Dancy Street The Parks Project Space Jazz
Rough Palms Faux Fur Faux Fur
Warsh_Tippy and Zelda Whatever, Dad Grade Pending
yellow bird wished bone cellar belly
starry eyed - demo PYNKIE starry eyed (demo)
First show for the FIFTH semester of The Dumpster Dive on 91.7 KVRX
Title Artist Album
In a Mood TheSecondSex In a Mood EP
Intro~ Mild Orange Foreplay
Cicada La Luz Floating Features
White Fang Little Mazarn Little Mazarn
manhattan small dad i would never do that
Wet Mouth Nanami Ozone Desire
Psycho Star King Tuff The Other
Sunset Dream Johnny Dioxide Moontower
Gelatin Mode Post Animal When I Think of You In a Castle
Cantaloupe Song Saline Saline
Elementary School Dropout Yucky Duster Duster's Lament
Losing Touch (nyc) thanks for coming sspplliitt
Selfish Lover Mild Orange Foreplay
Abracadabra Sean Nicholas Savage screamo
Time Travel Blouse Blouse
Rosebud U.S. Girls A Poem Unlimited
Iowa Exitmusic The Recognitions

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