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Episode 9

Title Artist Album
JAH Love Black Loops JAH Love
Visions of America Matthew Squires Visions of America
Cold Weather Clothes Silvan Shine Wet Blankets & Wallflowers
I'm Stressed The Zoltars Telling Stories
When by the Light The Channel Multi Goods & Services
Paperbacks Arlo Parks Sophie
Cold Summer Dead Emerson Cold Summer
Now That I'm Back Frances Quinlan Now That I'm Back / Rare Thing
Try Again Andy Shauf Try Again
They Say Hoops They Say
Reach out More Amason Reach out More
Kaonashi Tennyson Telescope EP
Gold Dayzz Ultraísta Ultraísta (Deluxe)
striptease carwash striptease
B4 Ginger Root B4

Episode 8

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Title Artist Album
Purple Hat Sofi Tukker DANCING ON THE PEOPLE
Box Dude York Falling
Tudo Isto É Fado (feat. John Beasley) Maria Mendes, John Beasley Close to Me
Threads Air Review How We Got By
Bones & Ash Thanks Light... American Hamburger
Hard To Realize Purr Hard To Realize
Darling Chiiild Darling
Baby Little Tween Okay Kaya Baby Little Tween
Shy Hether Shy
Event Horizon Ethan Gruska Event Horizon
Still Here HONEYMOAN Still Here
rbbts Kate Davis Trophy
Olokun Jamael Dean Black Space Tapes
Matando Tei Shi La Linda
Palm Margaux More Brilliant Is the Hand That Throws the Coin
Supermoon Charly Bliss Supermoon

Episode 7

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Title Artist Album
Shelter Mikal Cronin Seeker
(Meet Me at The) Delaware Water Gap Jon Patrick Walker Welcome to the Edge Times
ringtone 100 gecs, Dylan Brady, Laura Les 1000 gecs
That's Why We Dance Calliope Musicals Color/Sweat
Lie to Me (Große Lüge) The Bright Light Social Hour Jude Vol. I
Warm Stevan Warm
Bargain Flights j ember Bargain Flights
Lonely People M. T. Hadley Empty
Drum Machine Parekh & Singh Drum Machine
Forever Oklou Forever
Hypnosis Holy Hive Hypnosis
Ghost 3am Isabel Wood Ghost 3am
You Make Life Easy James Beau Barclay You Make Life Easy
This Is How We Do (A Gente Faz Assim) Foxxanne, Nathi This Is How We Do (A Gente Faz Assim)
Easy Kody Ryan Easy
I'll Learn Someday Clunis I'll Learn Someday / Heartbreak Again

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Title Artist Album
Three and One Miles Brown Evidence of Soul and Body
Move Your Body Octo Octa Resonant Body
Grand cheval Corridor Junior
Anonymous Number Psuedo Desnudo Anthrology
Move It or Lose It Animals for Hands Cocoon
beautiful baby Elizabeth beautiful baby
Haunt Cory Becker, Jade Castrinos Haunt
Don't Forget About Me Yehan Jehan Don't Forget About Me
Glitter Lee Bowie we come in peace
December Song Stevie Jean Blame Game
Lightyear Kyle Lux Lightyear
on the move Zamir, marc indigo, Chevy on the move
Noodle Oscar Louis Noodle
I Need More Space KS7 I Need More Space

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Title Artist Album
Speak To You [Memory Messengers] Anamanaguchi [USA]
Gilly Kate Teague Kate Teague
Solar Pilgrim Twain Rare Feeling
Cactus Flower Cooper Greenberg Dream Sequence
Left Lane Have To Have Obscuriosity
Caught Lookin’ Young Guv GUV II
Noses in Roses, Forever Desert Sessions Vols. 11 & 12
Rare Thing Frances Quinlan, Hop Along Rare Thing
Bubba Jack Larsen Mildew
Rosalie Great Grandpa Four of Arrows
Fast Chunk Sorrey In Full Bloom
Save Your Soul Garth. Melt
Hey Vetta Borne Hey
You Are Now on Fire Slow Hollows Actors
Feelings in Me Luna Luna Carousel

Episode 4

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Title Artist Album
Dance Moves Moonlight Breakfast Affection
Swan loop David Kilgour, The Heavy Eights, David Kilgour And The Heavy Eights Bobbie's a girl
Peace of Mind Orlando Santos Box of Light
Song for Norma Desmond Longriver Of Seasons
52 Hz Chrysta Bell Feels Like Love
Hit Me Where It Hurts Caroline Polachek Pang
Self Love MAVI Let the Sun Talk
It's Nice to Be Alive Vegyn It's Nice to Be Alive
Guts Augustine Guts
Hates Me OTHERLiiNE, George FitzGerald, Lil Silva Hates Me
No Other Like You Kate Bollinger No Other Like You
Heybb! binki Heybb!
Good Enough Jim-E Stack, Ant Clemons Good Enough
Come Down vs Calm Down Harmony Byrne Come Down vs Calm Down
Antisocial Current Blue Antisocial

Episode 3

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Title Artist Album
Consumption Town Jake Clemons, Tom Morello Eyes on the Horizon
High Alice Jenny Hval The Practice of Love
Digital Light Field Lisel Angels on the Slope
Oprah Queue Queue Fang and Claw
Moving On, Getting On Christelle Bofale Swim Team
Air BnB Kim Gordon No Home Record
Jogging Richard Dawson 2020
Don Henley In The Park Lightning Bolt Sonic Citadel
Girl Girl Ray Girl
3 AM Junior Mesa 3 AM
Bringing the Block Arrange Blood Dust
Flash The Hecks My Star
matingcall.exe Pedestrian Tactics matingcall.exe

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Title Artist Album
Skatter Corbo, Ahnet Quatro Treses
The Devil Jordan Moser Long Night
Get In Line stunts Stunts On Tape
At the Party Black Belt Eagle Scout At the Party With My Brown Friends
1 Thing Vivian Sessoms, Sherrod Barnes, Paradigm Life II
Wasted Time Alex Siegel Up All Night
Automatic Spencer. Automatic
Sunshine Tommy Newport Tommy Gun
Made In Love Samantha Urbani Made In Love
Heart Slow Hollows Heart
Took a Long Time Carla dal Forno Look Up Sharp
Rats Kaputt Carnage Hall
Hideaway WIVES So Removed
If You Just Didn't Do It That Dog Old LP

Episode 1

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Title Artist Album
Joke Peaer A Healthy Earth
In the Garden Tonio Sagan, Deejay Theory In the Garden
Resignation Letter Hugh Coltman Who's Happy?
Don't Be Shy RF Shannon Rain On Dust
Licorice Cross Record Cross Record
Ereignis Girl Band The Talkies
Second Guessing Arlo Parks Second Guessing
Never Said Samia Never Said
Mrs Magic Strawberry Guy Taking My Time to Be
Private Eye M. T. Hadley Private Eye
Daisy Kate Davis Daisy
Down Hemlock Ernst, Kenny Segal Down
Crash Pad George Clanton, Nick Hexum Crash Pad/King for a Day
Lifeforce Part II The Comet Is Coming The Afterlife
CLOUD Monsune Tradition

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